Is a 125 IQ good?

For better or worse, we humans tend to be obsessed with comparing ourselves with others. We do this in terms of characteristics such as looks, height, weight, financial status, athletic ability, and intelligence. Of course, such comparisons can mean everything or nothing at all, depending on who is doing the comparison and those who are being compared.

The problem with making comparisons is far too much of the comparing process is done subjectively. These are opinions as opposed to using objective information or data to compare people.

Of the characteristics listed above, there is one that does have a quasi-objective means of comparison. That would be intelligence. For many decades, society has accepted the notion that IQ tests are a viable means of comparing the intelligence of people. By the way, IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient.

About IQ Scores

To be clear, there are several different types of IQ tests. Each one measures intelligence a little differently and use a different rating scale. For purposes of this discussion, we'll use a standard IQ test that rates intelligence on a base score of 100. The lowest possible score is set at 69 with the highest score presumably set at 145.

It's noteworthy that some tests use a wider scoring range, which accounts for the fact you might see scores in the 160s, 170s, or even 180s.

IQ tests aim to test each test-takers ability to do things like understand and use language property, understand spatial relationships, ability to reason, think quickly, and use rational and constructive thinking techniques.

What Does a Score of 125 Mean?

In America, the national IQ average for adults is approximately 98. Singapore has the highest average at 108. As a point of reference to use for the following information, here's an IQ rating table:

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Based on this table, a score of 125 would put the individual right smack in the middle of the superior category. Approximately 6.4% of the population falls in the superior range and said individuals would be considered to be in the upper 8.5-percentile in intelligence. That would suggest that a score of 125 is a strong indication the individual should be capable of doing almost anything they might want to do in terms of a career.

The Traits of Someone With an IQ of 125

Based on someone's IQ score, it's possible to assign certain traits to them. Caution is warranted because these are generalizations. With that said, the traits of someone with an IQ of 125 might include:

Best Career Choices

One of the traits mentioned above adaptable and the ability to do many things well. Suitable career choices for someone with a 125 IQ would include medical professionals, lawyers, accountants, business managers/entrepreneurs, engineers, and college professors. So it’s definitely a great IQ score for those.

In terms of work performance, folks with this IQ tend to be overachievers. They quickly conquer job responsibilities and move on to bigger and better responsibilities/jobs with consummate ease.

As entrepreneurs and business managers, they can be a little difficult to deal with because of socialization issues. They tend to carry high expectations of employees with very little tolerance for failure. In other words, they expect employees to achieve at the same levels at which they can achieve.

The Negatives

Someone with an IQ of 125 should be very proud as long as they use their intellect to succeed. Anything less than success with this kind of IQ would be considered a major disappointment.

With that said, having a superior IQ could be a burden. It drives up expectations among people who understand what having a 125 IQ means. If overwhelmed by the burden, it can cause the individual to settle for less. That's why you occasionally run into police officers and store clerks who are seemingly very intelligent.

Another issue that seems to affect people with superior intelligence is the inability or unwillingness to accept input from others. Since they feel they have the aptitude to accomplish anything they want on their own, they don't seek advice or help.

Finally, highly intelligent people tend to worry too much. It makes them susceptible to mental health issues like anxiety and depression. When confronted with mental health issues, that IQ of 125 matters very little.