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Through a series of specially designed questions, our algorithm will determine with 100% accuracy your IQ and place you on a spectrum compared to the general population. See how you compare now.

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The HMI™ Certification is the most accurate and regognized online IQ test available, created by professionals in various research fields. It is highly accurate and specifically designed for measuring general intelligence among the entire population.

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20 questions Test your cognitive ability.

20 specially developed questions designed to test your cognitive ability and instantly determine your IQ score. All online from the comfort of your own device.

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On completion, receive your IQ certification on your own personalized certificate recognized internationally. Prove how your cognitive ability and instantly boost your carrer opportunities.

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Did you know that you can boost you cognitive ability with a couple of simple techniques? Receive an advanced training document which is proven to boost IQ levels by up to 30%.

Challenge yourself! A brain which is challenged in a wide variety of tasks forms denser connections.

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Definition of IQ Tests

The simple answer is that "IQ" is short for "Intelligence Quotient". It is a numerical measure of a person’s reasoning/logical and problem solving ability.

When the testing protocol and methodology is correct, it is an extremely accurate gauge on a person's intelligence level, and in particular how well they can use information/logic to solve problems by accessing short and long term memory and combining it with critical thinking and reasoning. IQ tests begin to assess this by measuring short- and long-term memory.

History of IQ Tests

Modern intelligence testing was developed in the early 2oth century, by Alfred Binet & Theodore Simon. The tests were commissioned by The French Department of Education, and was intended to test individuals so it could distinguish mentally challenged children from "normal" children. The result was the Simon-Binet IQ Test.

These early rudimentary tests would combine the child's age with the test score to give a score a score between 0-1,000. While these tests were very simple, they were extremely popular and became widely used in Europe and then soon after in the United States and Asia.

Why Are There Different IQ Tests Available?

Mensa's IQ Test is the most famous scoring system. It was developed the 1940s and it has not changed much since. You will also find dozens of online IQ testing options available, most of which claim to be free and accurate.

When taking an IQ Test Online it's important to look at the companies credentials and ensure they are an accredited organization. Most are not.

How to Prepare for Online IQ Tests

The short answer is you can increase your IQ Test by training your brain , like any other muscle, for example by exercising IQ tests. None the less, there is a 'ceiling' for how far you can naturally increase your IQ Tests. When you receive your online score from we cover some of the advanced ways to increase your intelligence. But we advice your first taking your test without an preparation to find what your baseline IQ score is. However we've found that when our recommendations are taking, people can increase their IQ score by 15%.

Tips for taking an IQ Tests

Read the question/visually carefully. Our test is the most accurate IQ test available online. Our questions are all visually based but require you to really think and understand what is being asked. Study the question carefully.

Calculate your time. In our test you will be given 20 minutes to complete the test. Calculate your time carefully. An IQ test is about getting as many questions right, however the quicker you answer the higher your score will be. Look at the number of questions and the time you have and divide them to calculate how much time to spend on each question. It's important that you finish answering all questions.

Skip hard questions. As we have already established, it's about calculating your time. Some questions you might be able to solve instantly, and some may take you several minutes. But what if you can not answer a question ? Then SKIP IT. Most people are unable to answer all questions correctly, but do not randomly guess, if you genuinely do not know the answer, then skip the question.

Clear your mind. To get an accurate result from your IQ Test. It's important that you give your full self for the duration of the test. While our tests are extremely accurate at measuring intelligence, it's important that you give it your best effort. To do this, you need to clear your mind and focus.

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