The IQ Test Initiative™
Certified IQ Test

IQ Tests Initiative™ (ITI™) is an international collaborative project devoted to the development of high quality, intelligence and personality assessment tools.

Our most advanced test so far

The ITI™ Certification is the most accurate online and regognized IQ available, created by professionals in various research fields. It is highly accurate and specifically designed for measuring general intelligence among the entire population.

The test consists of 20 questions measuring various aspects of intelligence including visual perception, abstract reasoning, pattern recognition, analytical thinking, and spatial orientation. Answers analyzed and scored accordingly to each question’s difficulty; some questions are more difficult than others and are worth more points.

Why to take the ITI certified IQ test ?

Take the ITI Certified IQ Test™ to discover your true intelligence potential and see where you rank among the entire population.

Researchers have successfully created a relatively quick IQ Test, that is fun to take and at the same time remains highly advanced and accurate. Our IQ Test can help you discover your mental strengths and weaknesses and help surface life opportunities.

What I get when I complete the test ?

Your IQ Score: Your answers are analyzed and scored accordingly to their difficulty and your final score is calculated with the use of a unique ITI algorithm. Your IQ Score is a accuate estimation of five different areas of your cognitive skills.

ITI™ Certificate: The certificate is issued in your name and it confirms your performance in the Test. The certificate comes in high resolution PDF format and can be supplied to help with applications.

Personalized Report: For an addition cost of $34, we can supply a personalised test course to help you boost your IQ by 10-15%

How to take the test?

1. The IQ Test is comprised of 20 questions that should be answered within 20 minutes. The test will be automatically scored after 20 mins and cannot be paused in between. So make sure that you have 20 minutes available before you start.

2. In each question, choose one of the variants on the right to replace the missing shape on the left.

3. You can skip questions and return back to them later. Click Finish Test when you are done.